CleverEV for

Vehicle Fleet Operators

Provide your users with a hassle-free way to travel and use their electric vehicles.

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Enable the easier use of end point charging, through the wide network of community partners. Help the users to utilise their investment in charging infrastructure to provide services to other visitors. Make your total package to be more attractive than the competition, adding revenue generating options for both the users and yourself.

The CleverEV System

Our charging solution is vendor-agnostic and can be integrated with all your in-house systems, making it easy to install and manage.

The CleverEV system uses RFID Authorization which provides easy management and clear overview of every aspect of the charging and billing process.

Our user-friendly platform makes sure every resident can charge their vehicle with ease.


Traveling with EV still has its challenges - the charging facilities at the destination point help to minimise their impact. Help your users to easily use the charging at start and destination chargers - maximising the comfort of traveling with an electric vehicle.

Provide a solution to accept payments for guests using their own chargers - without increased commission fees on top of the regular card acceptance fees. Revenue share schemes are available for the RGUs (revenue generating units).

Assist the owners and the drivers in planning their travel budget through a unified interface. Provide them with the features, which your competition doesn’t yet have - drive the users satisfaction and loyalty.

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Let your service to become the de-facto standard in fleet operation - though providing comfort and piece of mind to the EV drivers. Enable your customers to not only use the service, but also benefit from it - adding features, which will allow them to generate income from their charging infrastructure at the campus or even at their residential locations.

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