CleverEV for Hotels

Charge your reputation as your guests charge their car. The CleverEV system can help you elevate your business by showing how committed you are to innovation and using cutting-edge technology to make your guests’ stay comfortable and convenient.

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You'll never have to wake up your guests to move their car once it's done charging. With CleverEV you can manage all your chargers remotely, including preset prioritization or limitation of chargers.

We offer several features including integrated payment and invoicing flow options, and fix and dynamic tariffs to make the payment and billing process convenient and customizable.

Think big, but don't spend big. Optimize infrastructure investment with our system which offers load-balancing features that make sure that your infrastructure capacity is used efficiently.

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The CleverEV system

We offer a vendor-agnostic charging solution that can be integrated with all your in-house systems, making it easily manageable.

Effortless charging for a comfortable stay. The CleverEV system works with RFID cards to ensure the easy use of your hotel's charging stations.

Our management interface and application are designed to be user-friendly both for you and your guests.

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