CleverEV for

Residential Users

Get in control of your car. Get in control of your charger. Get in control of your budget.

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The CleverEV system provides you an all-in-one application for charging at home and on the way. Join the community of owners of charging points, from whom the financial independence is combined with the ecological responsibility and would like to enjoy mobility without harming the environment.

The CleverEV System

Our charging solution is vendor-agnostic and can be integrated with all your in-house systems, making it easy to install and manage.

The CleverEV system uses RFID Authorization which provides easy management and clear overview of every aspect of the charging and billing process.

Our user-friendly platform makes sure every resident can charge their vehicle with ease.


Manage your charger - independently from the brand and manufacturer. Enjoy full remote control of your charging process. Achieve seamless experience both at home and at your office.

Pay with your phone for charging your car at remote locations. Control your budget from the app and travel without borders.

Optimise your charging schedule according to the electricity prices and even - according to the shining sun (in a case your house has solar panels or other renewable energy source).

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Lock your charger for personal use only and unlock it with your mobile phone. Provide RFID cards to your guests - others cannot hijack your charger without your authorisation.

Use the application on your phone to charge while on the road - the network on independent charger providers, joining our community, will accept payments directly from your phone - without the need to share your credit card details with them.

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